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Marshal Hotel

Hotel Address: No.36, Gongyuan Rd., Hualien City, Hualien County 970, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: (03)832-6123 
【Shuttle bus information】
  1. Assembly shuttle bus stops Location: Marshal Hotel (Park Road and Xuanyuan intersection)
  2. 301 bus stops Location: Zhonghua Road (No.41, Zhonghua Rd., Hualien City)
  3. Hualien passenger stops Location: China Railway Station (No.41, Zhonghua Rd., Hualien City)
【Other Businesses】
  1. Please tell the hotel you join the SICBS 2017 conference when booking a room and you can enjoy the favorable price.
  2. Location is located in Hualien city center, near Golden Triangle shopping district, you can also walk Dongdaemun Night Market.
  3. Wi-Fi is available. The hotel is a low-carbon hotel, so it doesn't provide abandon personal toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shower cap, razor, paper slippers, etc.), to provide the size of towels, shampoo, shower gel.
  4. Please read the relevant procedures and precautions before booking, please follow the rules of the hotel.
  5. Hotel shuttle service (please contact with the hotel)
    • Airport - Marshal Hotel: NT100 dollars per person(one way).
    • Hualien Train Station - Marshal Hotel: 1 ~ 2 people NT100 dollars, for each additional 1 people, plus NT50 dollars, for example, four ride on the amount of NT100 + NT50 * 2 = NT200 dollars.


花蓮統帥大飯店 Marshal Hotel

花蓮市公園路36號。Tel: (03)832-6123 
  1. 大會接駁車停靠地點:統帥大飯店側面(公園路與軒轅路口)
  2. 301公車停靠地點:中華路(花蓮市中華路41號)
  3. 花蓮客運停靠地點:中華站(花蓮市中華路41號)
  1. 請訂房告知參加「SICBS 2017 會議」,即享專案價。
  2. 地點位於花蓮市中心,鄰近金三角商圈,亦可步行至東大門夜市。
  3. 提供Wi-Fi。本飯店為低碳飯店,不提供拋棄個人盥洗用具(牙刷、牙膏、浴帽、刮鬍刀、紙拖鞋等),有提供大小毛巾、洗髮精、沐浴乳。
  4. 訂房前請詳閱相關流程及注意事項,敬請依飯店規定辦理。
  5. 飯店接送服務(請洽飯店):
    • 機場—統帥飯店,每人單趟NT100。
    • 花蓮火車站—統帥飯店,1~2人NT100元,每增加1人,加NT50元,例如四人搭乘金額為NT100+NT50*2=NT200。